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Mikro Run

Mikro RUN

Mikro Run from Micro Software for tradesmen, self-employed and small businesses:

Run To Grow!

If you're running to grow with Mikro Run, you can easily manage your business business processes without any delays.

Easy to use, lean menus, ready invoice designs and e-invoice feature with Mikro Run will be your biggest help. Moreover, you will be able to see your company's instant financial situation at a glance from a single screen.

You do not need to buy an additional module to use Mikro Run, which is a single database intalled for single user.

Mikro Run, which offers solutions that fully meet the needs of tradesmen, self-employed and small businesses, can be adapted to any sector and the payment period for the features you will not use ends. Moreover, you can rent the Mikro Run if you want, you can buy.

  • You can record your wholesale and retail sales and your customers. You can cut your waybills and invoices, either paper or digitally.
  • You can manage your cost and after-sales profitability by seeing the inventory of your stocks as quantity and amount at the same time.
  • It records your bank accounts, checks, promissory notes and cash in the cash register without the need for other software or files, and you can easily see the future financial situation of your company.
  • You can follow up your income and expenses, collection and payments quickly and easily through a single program.
  • E-Invoice Management, e-Archive Management, e-Waybill Management, e-Freelance Receipt Management, such as e-transformation solutions are services included in the main package of Mikro Run. You can easily issue e-Invoice without the need of an additional package; e-Archive invoice, e-Waybill and e-Self-Employed Receipts without any other software or integration you can edit effortlessly.
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