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Mikro Consultant

Keep track of all your accounting processes with Micro Consultant.


You can easily carry out all accounting transactions such as general accounting , personnel , operating book and depreciation tracking through a single program with Micro Consultant.

Mikro Consultant, On Bases of Accounting , Personnel and Operating ;

  • Accounting Management
  • Fixed Assest
  • Accounting of Inflation (adaptable IAS-29 and SPK )
  • Stock Management of taxpayer
  • Finance Management
  • Operation of consolidated
  • Mikro Consultant gives all opportunities and solutions to your needs for notifications, declarations and general programs.

It gives special declarations, working paper and report sample as ready to optical reader which are wanted by certified public accountant , chartered accountant and public accountant. In this way you can get empty time.


An Overview to Mikro Consultant


  • You can switch to e-Government applications with electronic declarations.
  • You can constitute account and declarations ( return ) by sending taxpayer business register information to system with account declared system integration.
  • You can introduce your all fixture and determine debt place by fixed assest management.


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