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Mikro Fly

Mikro FLY

Increase Your Productivity and Profitability with Micro Fly

If you want to manage your business processes efficiently and profitably, save time and cost, make the right decisions in the light of analysis and data and stand out from the competition, Mikro Fly is for you.

With Micro Fly, you can manage all your business processes from end to end over a single platform, easily customize it for the needs of the sector in which you operate, and you can quickly switch to live use.

You can easily adapt to the legislative changes with the Micro Assistant Update Service at Mikro Fly, where E-Government applications can be integrated under one roof.

In addition, with Micro Fly, you can easily plan and control all of your resources such as money, labor and equipment.

  • Large and medium-sized enterprises with 50 or more employees working predominantly
  • Businesses who want to take their corporate structure to the next level and take the lead in competition
  • Enterprises that want to stand out from the competition by performing detailed actual cost monitoring in production management.
  • Businesses seeking to comply with IFRS ( International Financial Reporting Standarts ) and inflation accounting.
  • Customizable to suit your needs.
  • Additional functions can be added to the product as the business grows with business management solutions.
  • Solutions can be added to the product according to the needs of retail, fuel oil, machine rental and durable consumer goods sectors.
  • It change over E-Government application with E- Transformation solution.
  • Integration solutions allow easy integration with other commercial software used by the enterprise.
  • Additional users are charged for the number of concurrent users.
  • You can have the product either at once or by renting.
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