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Mikro e-İrsaliye


What İs E-Waybill(My E-İrsaliye)?

E-Waybill is a document which is in the same quality as the paper waybill, but which is issued in digital environment, containing the information required to be included in the waybill in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 (VUK). The e-Waybill's standarts and data format are issued by the Revenue Administration , has the same characteristics and legal characteristics as the paper delivery note with at least 3 copies. E-Waybill application is a service that includes digital production, transmission, storage and submission of waybill document. As of January 1, 2019, The Revenue Administration issued a draft communiqué that obliged e-Invoice users to participate in the e-Dispatch Application. Therefore, due to both this necessity and the advantages brought near future by e-Waybill , all companies are benefiting from e-Invoice application are expected to switch to e-waybill application. My E-Waybill, which is a Mikro Software product, provides you with a platform where you can easily carry out all transactions related to the delivery note.

Advantages of
My E-Waybill(My E-İrsaliye):

  • It provides a more reliable and faster tracking of faulty products, returns and partial acceptance during delivery via the digital platform.
  • The inspectors may only use the license plate and the driver T.C. , it allows easy access to the information of the goods being transported, the receiving company by checking the identity information.
  •  With 30 years of experience in Mikro Software, it manages your integration process easily from end to end.
  • Quickly and easily edited and delivered to the recipient as soon as it is edited.
  • It stores all your data safely for 10 years and gives you access to any document at any time.
  • Provides cost advantage in printing, archiving, storage and shipment and helps to protect the environment.
  • It keep your data and all your operations with Mikro Softwares continuously supervised infrastructure and business continuity standards.
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