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Mikro e-Fatura

What is E-Invoice(E-Fatura) ?

e-Invoice, data format and standard determined by the Revenue Administration containing the information required to be included in an invoice in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law (VUK), transmission between the seller and the buyer through the Revenue Administration, not printed on paper, is an electronic document. The e-Invoice is created and issued in a completely digital environment while the printed invoice is generated or printed out by hand or by using the program. VUK accepts both types of invoices legally. The only difference of e-Invoice is that it can be sent and received electronically.

My E-Invoice(E-Fatura)’s Advantages:

It gives your company and you mobility, speed and practicality. Optimizes your business processes; Increases your productivity.

  • Ensures that your company has an electronic invoice system that meets international financial standards and is ready for internal and external auditing at any time in compliance with the conditions set by the Ministry of Finance.
  • With 30 years of experience in Mikro Software, it manages your integration process easily from end to end.
  • It works full integrated with either desktop or icloud work solution.
  • All invoices sent and received with micro software guarantee are kept free of charge for 10 years.
  • Your invoice saves you money by eliminating the costs of shipping .It also reduces paper usage and helps protect the environment.
  • Helps you receive your payments on time by speeding up the billing process.
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