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My E-Ledger

What is E-Ledger(E-Defter)?

The Tax Procedural Code (TPL) and the Turkish Code of Commerce require that certain books, such as journal and General Ledger, be kept for merchants and businesses. E-Ledger is a collection of electronic records that contain the information contained in the ledgers. In this system, the books are kept digitally and the Ministry of Finance is given an electronic signature. Real and legal persons who meet the requirements stated in the General Communiqué No. 1 Electronic Book may benefit from the e-Book.

Advantages of My E-Ledger(E-Defter):

You can easily send the daily ledger and nominal ledger documents prepared in accordance with the standards determined by Revenue Administration to the Revenue Administration.

  • Even you are not a Mikro Software’s users, you can use My E-Ledger and benefit E-Ledger
  • Revenue Administration’s ID , E-documents details and etc. Data transfer your e-Ledger module automatically.
  • You can operate in electronic system very easily without responsabilities of printing, recognition, arcive and storage.
  • You can be ready for auditing in common format and standart.
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