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Mikro e-Bordro

What is E-Payroll(E-Bordro)?

e-Payroll allows you to prepare your staff's payroll and send it via Registered Electronic Mail (REM) at the touch of a button without having to sign it.

My E-Payroll(e-Bordro) Advantages:

Registered E-mail (REM) eliminates the need to sign wet, and can provide legal and rapid information flow over the REM infrastructure with all staff by providing one hundred percent legal validity.

  • E-Payroll makes easy for working Human Resources management effective.
  • Eliminates the cost of printing.
  • Accelerates your business processes by providing full integration within Micro Software Program.
  • Time and wet signature completely eliminates the burden of operation.
  • Provides legal protection to you and your business with e-Payroll data stored for 20 years.
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