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Special Software Services

DBT Private Software Services

Our special software projects are designed to meet your needs specific to your sector and include projects tailored entirely to your needs. These projects enable you to deliver all your services from a single platform or to carry out all business processes through a single application, saving you time and cost. In your custom software projects, we first determine your needs by determining your business processes and flow. In this direction, we determine the most suitable technologies for you and prepare your project plan. Following the design, coding and testing stages will take place in this process not only to progress with you; We also provide training and maintenance and repair services that will enable you to use the system in the most efficient way. Meet our exclusive software solutions to take your business to the next level and make all your services accessible!

  • Analysis
    Listen to your special requests and goals and make determinations. We conduct a detailed analysis and create the most appropriate business plan.
  • Development
    Visual designs are prepared. Software studies and security tests are performed.
  • Applications
    System usage training is provided. It goes through the testing process and is activated with the latest updates.
  • Operating
    We offer software maintenance and support. Operational operation Our staffing and content management services are also available.


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