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DBT Boss

DBT Boss

Let DBT BOSS software professionally take care of all the details of your business. When establishing a company, managing is one of the first thought issues. DBT Boss helps you manage your company. You can review all of your company's data, wherever you are in the world, on all your Mobile devices (Mobile Phone, Tablet) or on the web page.
Your debit-credit balance, current account balances, inventory, cash bank balances, sales reports, risk analysis; your aging reports; CPA and profitability status; you can approve, close, manage your store sales, warehouse movements, order movements, offers and orders. And your review speed is several times faster than reports on PCs in your company.

Dbt Boss

  • Weekly sales
  • Monthly sales
  • Regional Sales
  • Sales by City
  • Sales by sales representative
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Shop
  • Sales by Brand
  • Plan by Stock Requirement
  • Cost List
  • Introductions by store
  • Analysis of the top-selling product
  • Daily sales of sales representative
  • Sales by Dealers
  • Sales by Subdealers
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