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DBT Mobile

DBT Mobile

DBT Mobile Software application; Works simultaneously with Micro Software, 100% compatible with handheld terminals with Windows Mobile operating system.

Stock and Current Details, Order, Welcome, Waybill, Invoice, Collection, Route Visit, Barcode controlled shipment, Warehouse (branch) shipped between, Includes detailed menus with warehouse counting and detailed analysis. Micro Fly, Jump mobile integration has been completed.

Handheld Terminal Program General Features

  • 100% Micro Software Integration
  • Fast and Accurate Goods Entry, Goods Shipment, Goods Counting
  • Fast Order Picking, Fast Shipment Preparation
  • Online monitoring of all processes from receipt of goods to shipment
  • Transfer Operations Between Warehouses and Branches
  • High Efficiency in Labor and Time Usage
  • Purchasing - Order - Shipment Coordination
  • Dynamic Warehouse Addressing Inventory Tracking
  • Batch Lot, Serial Tracking and Expiry Date, (Address Lot Batch, Serial Tracking if requested)
  • Wi-Fi (Wireless), GPRS
  • Ability to work with Windows Mobile, Windows CE Operating Systems
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