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SSL & Security Certificates

SSL certificates are a product that checks the accuracy of site addresses and provides secure communication between two points via encrypted channel. SSL certificates never provide the security of your code or website.

SSL certificates differ according to the guarantee, support service and additional features they offer. Basically, the technical gain of all certificates is the same.

Comodo, Rapid products, suitable for all single Internet addresses that want to use SSL.

Wildcard SSL products also support sub names on the Internet address. For example; www.dbt.com.tr, dbt.com.tr, corporate.dbt.com.tr, * .dbt.com.tr

SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to ensure security and confidentiality during the transfer of information over the network.

SSL ensures that the information sent can be decrypted strictly and only at the correct address. The information is automatically encrypted before sending and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information is maintained by verification on both sides.

The strength of the encryption method used in the data stream depends on the key length used. Key length is very important for the protection of information. For example; It is extremely easy to decode a transmission over 8 bits. Bit refers to a number of binary counting system. A bit can have 2 different values, 0 or 1. 8 bits contain only 28 = 256 possible different keys. A computer can reach a conclusion by examining these 256 different possibilities in order. 40 bit and 128, 256, 1024 bit encryption are used in SSL protocol. There are 2128 different keys in 128-bit encryption, and it takes a great deal of time and cost to decrypt it. For a malicious person to decode a 128-bit password, he must spend 67 years after investing $ 1 million. As it is understood from this example, the SSL security system provides complete and precise protection.

Provides security and confidentiality in encrypting and decrypting messages

Ensures that the sender and recipient of the message are the correct places

Verifies the date and time of transmitted documents

Simplifies document archive creation

If you are curious about SSL Setup, please visit DBT Dora Knowledge Base and DBT Dora Blog. Many of our articles have been published. The SSL Certificates you purchase are provided free of charge by DBT Dora teams.
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