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Technical Support


Dora Information Technologies within the scope of Technical Support; provides services according to the request of customers. Monitors and reports the continuity of customer systems on the basis of servers and active devices.

If necessary, it can interfere with customer systems by remote connection with special permission. Keeps the technical team ready for on-site intervention where remote intervention is not possible. Dora Information Technologies technical support is independent of brand and model. In this sense, customers who benefit from the technical support of Dora Information Technologies receive services from a single point.


Dora Information Technologies helps the hardware and software infrastructure work at the best level in terms of performance and continuity. It aims to extend the service life of devices by providing periodic maintenance services and prevents server and client performance losses on the basis of operating system. Increases business continuity. Dora Information Technologies also provides repair and warranty parts replacement services for periodically maintained devices.


Dora Information Technologies performs the installation of devices and systems within the customer. In addition to installation, it provides services such as renovation, safe transportation and re-installation under one roof. Dora Information Technologies attaches importance to customer applications in device and operating system renewals for its customers. Takes the necessary precautions to prevent business continuity and loss of information.Makes the necessary plan and project in advance for the problems that may occur. It also performs the necessary renovation, installation and relocation operations within the plan.


In case of emergency and major malfunctions, Dora teams are assigned to intervene immediately. In these cases, remote desktop and telephone support can be given priority, and in case of unresolved situations, technical teams can provide onsite support

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