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Barcode Automation Systems


Barcode Automation Systems are vital. It enables our customers to use their time efficiently. As Dora Information Technologies, we apply the most appropriate Barcode Automation Systems in which our customers operate. For Accurate inventory tracking; For fast buying and selling transactions, accurate order management is required.

As Dora, we can list some of our actions as follows;

  • Keeping track of your stocks with the counting module will always be under your control.
  • With the reporting module, you can spend your time in front of your computer directly in the field with instant controls such as your profit, loss, stocks and so on with reports you can make it more efficient.
  • For retail businesses, you can find out the quantity of products available and the correct price margin in seconds.
  • With the sales module, you can make planned, unplanned sales for your cold sales or hot sales or even retail branches or send your instant orders from your customer to the center online.
  • With the purchase module, you will not be harmed by preventing faulty goods acceptance in your product purchases.
  • The production module is a solution for large enterprises. Proper shipment management with the Dora system will guide you in the correct planning of the factory production operation.
  • Finance module is planned to prevent collection or payment receipts, especially for hot sale and cold sale companies, and to end the problem of disappearance. All payments and receivables will be integrated made by your employees into your system instantly,You will no longer follow up your receivables and payables from backward.
  • You will be able to decode it within seconds by simply scanning the barcode without having to write orijin code and local produce code because of the label module has importance with the recent issued law.
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